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Business Hospitality

Make your guests stay more enjoyable by offering 24/7 Atlas Networks high speed Gigabit Internet service that's secure and dependable.

In a metropolitan tech hub like Seattle, high-profile and well attended events take place year-round. Participants expect high-quality Internet availability so they can stay connected throughout the entire event space.
Installing Internet connectivity can be time-consuming and stressful. That’s why we handle the entire process, leaving you to focus on running your hotel.
This starts with discussing your hotel’s specific connectivity needs so that our experienced technicians can customize a plan that’s just right for you. After that, we install the equipment ourselves and monitor your connection speeds consistently, ensuring that you, your employees, and your customers always have secure and dependable Internet.
We even provide simple, fast, and secure drop-in replacements for your current connection, so you can make the switch quickly with zero Internet disruptions.
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Temporary Internet Installations

Building-wide Wi-Fi
High-speed Internet connection
Remote IT support for your network, ensuring a consistent and secure connection
Experienced engineers and technicians helping you every step of the way
Special services for hotel events available

More Services

Internet For Hotel Events
We also provide temporary Internet services for any time-sensitive events taking place within your hotel. Count on building-wide, high-capacity Wi-Fi for any size facility and any length of time, helping your participants get connected quickly.