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At Atlas Networks, fostering a close and caring community is very important to us. See what the Atlas culture is all about!

Atlas Networks is dedicated to giving back to the city we love, both by providing high-quality and affordable local Internet to its residents and by bettering the community as a whole. We’re a local, Seattle-based company and most of our team members live and work here, so our mission of supporting the people and businesses around us is close to our hearts.
Keep reading to learn how we’re currently giving back. Have more ideas for how we can help? Let us know!
Ryan looking at camera while holding a trashbag

Low-Income Housing

We believe that people should have Internet access no matter where they are, and we’ve been working to extend that right to all of Seattle’s residents. In addition to setting up free Wi-Fi hotspots throughout public areas in downtown Seattle, we also offer Internet and phone services at a discounted rate to those in low-income housing. These customers receive the same great service provided by our regular residential Internet and telephone packages, but with a “Giving Back” promotion tacked on.

Street Cleanups

In 2019, Atlas adopted a section of Western and Elliot Avenue in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle, highlighted in the map below. Our team members come out and clean our street up every quarter to keep it looking great.
Check out these photos of our past cleanups, and contact us if you want to get involved!
Atlas employees walking down with cleaning supplies street during street cleanup
2 Atlas employees helping each other pick up trash from the street and put it into a bag
Atlas employees reaching into hedge to clean up trash hidden within
Atlas Employees helping each other pick up trash from the street
Eric jokingly pointing trash grabber at camera
Atlas employees picking up trash from the street, with Andrea jokingly gesturing at Ryan with trash grabber