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Business Security Cameras

Keep your business safe and your peace of mind intact with managed security cameras provided by Atlas Networks.

Atlas Networks designs state-of-the-art yet affordable security camera systems to meet businesses’ specific security needs. We handle the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting; you get remote, instant access to your footage and peace of mind.
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Local Services, Protecting Local Businesses

We aren’t hundreds of miles away — probably just a few bus stops. As a Seattle business ourselves, we are invested in keeping other local businesses safe with advanced video surveillance. Relax knowing that your managed security camera provider has your business’s best interests at heart.

Convenience and Dependability

Your business’s security depends on the design and reliability of your security camera system. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians will custom-design your entire security camera system to your business’s specific needs. Then we’ll install the system using our enterprise-grade security camera equipment, maintain it, and troubleshoot any connectivity issues that arise. We’ll even upgrade your equipment personally as new and improved models are released, ensuring that your security is never compromised by oversights or malfunctions.
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Secured Remote Servers
14 Day Video Retention
We manage all video storage for you on our secured servers in a remote location, increasing the security of your building and the recordings themselves. All of our packages include full video retention and storage for 14 days, but additional storage is available for any length of time needed.

Our Equipment

Indoor and Outdoor Cameras
We offer a wide range of enterprise-grade security cameras to meet your specific needs, including indoor/outdoor cameras, and night vision cameras that are expertly installed for optimal viewing. All cameras offer high-resolution imagery and high-definition video.
High Quality Video
Our latest video surveillance equipment records 1080p HD video and features an EFL 3.6mmf/1.8 lens for superior vision. Versatile mounting options allow for flexibility in aiming, and an optional infrared range extender accessory extends night vision range up to 25 meters.

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