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Atlas Unified Communications

Introducing Atlas Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) - a flexible, reliable, and scalable next generation communication system and VoIP solution for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs), and enterprises.

Forget about your old VoIP set up and communications structure. Stop worrying about keeping multiple different applications updated across your communications ecosystem. You can now communicate internally and externally with a single tool: Atlas UCaaS! Reduce your workload, manage your costs, and increase productivity with a broad suite of tools and features all in one neat package.
Woman dialing a number on an old school phone


Every Atlas UCaaS package contains all of the features you could want in a complete communications solution.

Desktop and Softphone Integration
Ditch the clunky old desk phone for the modern Softphone. Manage your calls without the hassle of dialing a number from a webpage or email, access voicemail instantly, and transfer calls to extensions directly with the click of a button. Centralize your contacts, transfer seamlessly to your mobile phone without hanging up, and never configure a phone with confusing physical buttons again.
Video Meeting and Conferencing
Create dynamic conference calls from any SIP phone or SoftPhone. Turn a two-way call into a conference call with up to 250 participants by easily dragging and dropping participants into your conversation. Even sync your contacts with your Skype for Business contacts. Atlas UCaaS also lets you make video calls with your co-workers, no need for a separate external app!
CRM Integration
Connect Atlas UCaaS to Salesforce, ZOHO, MS Dynamics, SugarCRM, Zendesk, Bullhorn, and vTiger to sync your preexisting contacts, leads, caller ID detection, call logs, recordings, and even more. Even proprietary CRMs can be integrated with the CRM SDK.

Increased security provides peace of mind with Transport Layer Security and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol call encryption.
Connect and Collaborate
Perform all of your day-to-day workplace communication on one app with Atlas UCaaS. Send instant messages, group chat, video chat, audio conference, and file transfer all in the same place!
All Inclusive Fax
Send a document as a fax directly from its native application (using print/fax driver), or send faxes directly as PDF files only. Receive faxes and view them directly on your computer. You can review your received files in the fax history.
Remote Administration and Reporting
Remote Administration and reporting empowers IT managers to manage your phone system no matter where your employees are.

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