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Residential Internet

Tired of data caps and throttling? Let Atlas Networks show you how much better the Internet service experience can be with no data caps or throttling along with consistent high speed Internet on all of our residential packages!

Residential Internet the way it should be! Affordable, reliable, and fast service at home. Whether you are streaming video or working remote, Atlas Networks has you covered. Our local and knowledgeable support staff can help you choose the speed that is right for you. Do you need 250 Mbps to finish a school project or are you an avid gamer who requires a Gigabit connection? Regardless of the reason, Atlas Networks can hook you up while avoiding unnecessary fees and bandwidth caps.
Promo pricing and speeds not available in all buildings. Here’s why
Large image of Atlas Networks' prices for 250mbps residential internet, $24.99 per month
Download/Upload speeds up to 250 Mbps
Mention Promo: CAKE250
Large image of Atlas Networks' prices for gigabit residential internet, $49.99 per month
Download/Upload speeds up to 1 Gigabit
Mention Promo: CAKEGIG
First Month Free
Free WiFi Router
Free Installation
Price Lock for Life of Your Lease
No Data Caps
No Contracts
No Credit Checks
And... No BS!
Plus: Our undying love for supporting a local company!
Gigabit services are not available in a select few buildings at this time, although we are working to upgrade every building to support full Gigabit.

Extras Included in Each Package

25GB Website Hosting
5 Email Accounts
Whether you choose our Standard or Gigabit residential Internet service, your package will include up to five email accounts and 25 GB of website hosting, allowing you to host your website on our server at no extra charge.

Add Ons

Additional Email
$2.00 / mo.
Purchase additional email accounts for just $2 per month.
Wireless Router Rental
$9.00 / mo.
If you don’t already have the right kind of router, you can rent one of our premium Gigabit+ WiFi6 dual band wireless routers for $9.00 a month. Router rentals come with automatic software updates, unlimited configuration support, troubleshooting, assistance setting up port forwards and configurations, and replacement within one business day in the case of device failure. That’s one more thing you don’t have to worry about.

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